Ethnographic research involves in-the-moment observation of consumers undertaking brand related tasks at home or on the move. It’s role is to provide first-hand understanding of how and why consumers behave as they do.

Ethnography paves the way for the development of new products, services, packaging and customer experience innovations.

Brandspeak provides two different types of ethnographic market research:


The subjects use a mobile or other handheld device to capture their brand-related experience, potentially providing a commentary as they do so. The footage is then uploaded to Brandspeak’s digital platform for analysis.

Maybe you want to enhance current levels of customer experience delivery for your brand, in order to improve levels of acquisition, retention and satisfaction?

Or perhaps you are looking to identify the optimal level of customer experience for your new product or service – one that will deliver positive levels of customer satisfaction whilst avoiding over-investment in service delivery?

Accompanied ethnography

A trained ethnographer accompanies the subject as they undertake specific tasks.

The ethnographer may conduct pre- and / or post-task interviews with the subject, but observes in silence whilst the activities are undertaken.

Or, the ethnographer may ask questions throughout the activity, to gain greater understanding of the subject’s thoughts and behaviours as they are occurring.

Participants are typically videoed during the study. The outputs are then used extensively for analysis, as stimulus during any subsequent workshops and to create highly visual material for the debrief. Participants may be brought together in a workshop afterwards to review.

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What ever your market research goal, whether you need to develop your brand, bring a new product to market or or optimise your customer experience delivery – we can help.

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