Brandspeak is one of the UK’s leading market research companies. We deliver game-changing, qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research to B2C and B2B companies in the UK and globally.

Our UK offices are in London and Bristol and we have partner offices located across the world.

Our clients range from small start-ups to truly global businesses.  But they all have one thing in common  – a desire to create highly profitable, world-beating brands.

Our Capability

We undertake a very diverse range of market research projects that broadly fall in to one of these five categories:

Our Consultants

Key to our approach is the calibre of our team. We have a fantastic, all-senior bunch of industry-leading researchers and strategists whose experience has been gained working for the most forward-thinking brands in the UK and globally.

But don’t worry. Our operational model means that we are able to provide their support at rates our competitors offer for juniors with just 1-2 years experience.

Our Research Tools

Of course, it isn’t just about the people. We also have an equally impressive range of market research tools and techniques to help uncover the insights and strategies capable of conferring real, competitive advantage.

These include:

  • The latest qual, quant and hybrid market research methodologies, enabling us to get closer to people’s needs, motivations, behaviours and thoughts than ever before
  • A powerful suite of ethnographic research tools that enable us to understand the thoughts and behaviours of people in real time
  • Partnerships with the best consumer and B2B panel providers in the UK and globally
  • Our market-leading online platform for conducting ongoing dialogues with individuals and communities
  • Our mixed methodology approach for new concept generation, which combines client and consumer workshopping with state-of-the-art stimulus generation

Our Offer

Brandspeak offers a comprehensive range of qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic and neuromarketing market research tools and techniques