Our marketing communications offer

Brandspeak specialises in marketing communications research designed to assess and optimise marketing communications before or after launch.

What is marketing communications research?

Perhaps you are a B2C company creating new content for your website. Maybe you are a B2B organisation developing new product brochures. Or perhaps you are in the process of drafting a critical customer service email or letter.

With so much marketing noise being directed at us all, we have become used to making snap decisions about the marketing information we are prepared to engage with, based on an initial, rapid (often subconscious, System 1) valuation.

This means that whatever the nature of your communication, it has maybe 2-3 seconds to convince the audience to engage with it.

And in that brief window, the communication has a lot to do.

It must convince us:

  • The brand is relevant to us
  • The content is aimed at us
  • The content is written and laid out in a way that will make it easy-to-absorb

But even if it succeeds in gaining our attention initially, it can still lose it again in an instant if, on closer inspection, the content doesn’t live up to the promise.

Our marketing communications approach

That is why Brandspeak has developed a range of research-led approaches for assessing and optimising the presentation and content of marketing communications.

Our assessments will address:

  • The relevance and impact of the headline messages
  • Overall, visual appeal
  • Overall, layout and navigation
  • Paragraph density
  • Use of text column
  • Clarity of content: words, images, font
  • Relevance and impact of individual messages
  • Key message outtakeKey questions arising
  • Strength of any proposition
  • Brand personality
  • Point at which consumer disengages – and why
  • Strength of call to action
Marketing communications research Brand Speak Market Research

In our debrief we’ll identify all the issues, as well as the solutions required to address them. We’ll even do the redrafting for you too, should you need us to.

In short, we’ll give you everything you need to optimise your marketing communications content – and its impact – prior to going live.

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Research ToolKit


Our research toolkit is comprehensive! It contains all the latest tools and techniques, as well as lots of old
favourites. Whatever your project, we have the research solutions to provide the answers you need.

Marketing communications research Brand Speak Market Research
Marketing communications research Brand Speak Market Research
Marketing communications research Brand Speak Market Research
Marketing communications research Brand Speak Market Research