This well-known, international DIY brand has recently launched its flagship range in the UK and asked Brandspeak to assess the impact and strength of:

  • its brand
  • its ground-highly differentiating displays and merchandising
  • the customer experience provided

The purpose of the research was to decide whether or not to commit to significant investment by rolling out its instore format across superstore branches in the UK and mainland Europe.


Brandspeak recruited a number of DIY singles and partners to take part in research.

First, they were asked to undertake online homework to define their DIY attitude and aptitude, their level of DIY expertise, their impressions of the DIY brand in question, their next DIY project and the DIY items they needed to source.

In-store, accompanied research was then conducted with all respondents across 2 separate UK locations across several days. During the hour-long sessions respondents were required to:

  • Navigate their way to the relevant area(s) within the store
  • Explore the area(s) generally and use display signage and marketing materials to help locate the best product for their needs
  • Interact with staff to address any technical questions
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps within the overall experience provided and its effect on likelihood to purchase


The research subsequently provided:

  • An attitudinal and behavioural consumer segmentation model, identifying by segment:
    • those consumers most / least likely to be disposed to the brand and its product ranges
    • the nature of the overall instore experience provided, identifying perceived strengths, weaknesses and gaps
    • perceptions of the brand’s display and merchandising material and its role in maximising consumer conversion
    • perceptions of the brand, its relevance and impact