Brandspeak provides new product development market research and consulting services to some of the world’s biggest brands – and some of the smallest too!

From initial idea generation onwards…..

Whether you operate in a B2C or B2B market place we provide all the new product development (NPD) research and consulting required to take you from big idea to successful launch and beyond, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We undertake NPD market research at all stages of the new product development process, designing each research solution to meet the needs of your NPD stage gate system.

Our NPD experience is very broad, including food, retail banking, insurance, pensions, automotive, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, OTC medicine, gaming, leisure and hotels.

Examples of the sort of research-led NPD projects we undertake include;

  • Blue-sky idea identification and formulation
  • Assessing the potential of early stage product / service concepts to identify those with the greatest potential
  • Calculating likely demand whilst the product is still at concept stage
  • Identifying the component parts of the brand required to support the new product – including proposition, positioning, features, benefits, personality and essence
  • Identifying the optimal route(s) to market
  • Determining the optimal price point and price elasticity
  • Identifying the hierarchy of messages to be communicated during the brand awareness building campaign
  • Post launch brand tracking

Our research capabilities

Brandspeak has a range of qualitative and quantitative research tools designed specifically to de-risk and energise your project at all stages of development.

They include:

  • Idea generation and co-creation workshops – developing new product and service ideas from scratch
  • Target consumer profiling – identifying the rational and emotional drivers of the target audience
  • Proposition and positioning research – to crystallise the nature of the offer to the target audience and ensure it is relevant, differentiated and motivating
  • Concept testing and refinement research – to evaluate the overall appeal of the offer and optimise its composition
  • Pricing research – to identify the optimal price point and determine brand elasticity
  • Demand research – calculating likely demand before significant investment is made
  • Naming research – to identify the name most able to embody the defining characteristics of the offer in an appealing, differentiating way
  • Packaging research – to evaluate the different design options and determine both physically and emotionally which one will perform best
  • Key message research – identifying the key messages and the order in which they need to be communicated.


For more information about Brandspeak’s NPD and innovation research expertise please get in touch or call: +44 (0) 203 858 0052

Research ToolKit


Our research toolkit is comprehensive! It contains all the latest tools and techniques, as well as lots of old
favourites. Whatever your project, we have the research solutions to provide the answers you need.

Market Research for New Product Development Brand Speak Market Research
Market Research for New Product Development Brand Speak Market Research
Market Research for New Product Development Brand Speak Market Research
Market Research for New Product Development Brand Speak Market Research