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Desk research is also known as Secondary Research and is routinely commissioned to inform planning and decision-making in relation to issues such as:

  • Market entry or exit
  • Investment allocation
  • Distribution strategy development
  • Pricing strategy development
  • Grant applications
Desk Research Brand Speak Market Research

In addition to the above, desk research may also be undertaken during B2B and B2C research projects, to identify suitable companies or individuals as potential participants.

One of the key benefits of desk research is that it is highly cost-effective, involving a rapid but intensive trawl of available online resources to piece together a comprehensive picture of the subject under review.

Typical types of desk work activity

In addressing the above, typical desk work activities include:

  • Calculating current market or brand value
  • Estimating future, annual growth potential
  • Creating a detailed picture of the competitor landscape, including the size of individual brands; their marketing strategies; their strengths and weaknesses, market sweet-spots
  • Developing customer value segmentation models
  • Identifying emerging trends before they become mainstream
  • Identifying regulatory barriers to market
  • Identifying new local distributors or routes to market

Typical sources of information

To identify the required information we access a wide variety of resources, including:

  • Industry reports and white papers
  • Government statistics and reports
  • Trade and industry association data
  • Company websites
  • Directories
  • Policy documents
  • Sector-specific trade journals and publications
  • Governmental reports
  • Relevant industry and product associations within each country
  • Analysts notes
  • Conference speeches and presentations
Desk Research Brand Speak Market Research

We’ll also take a look to see if there are any paid-for reports that can help in answering the exam question. If there are, we’ll discuss the contents of these with you, so you can decide whether or not to purchase them and add them to the data we have amassed from free-to-access sources.

Our deskwork experience is considerable and wide-ranging, from calculating the annual tonnage and value of string and thread used by various industries in Brazil, to determining the number of B2C and B2B companies of different sizes and sectors that are selling their goods via online market places throughout Europe.

To find out more about Brandspeak’s desk work capabilities and experience, please contact us at or on +44 (0) 203 858 0052

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What ever your market research goal, whether you need to develop your brand, bring a new product to market or or optimise your customer experience delivery – we can help.

Desk Research Brand Speak Market Research