Brandspeak is a B2C and B2B quantitative market research agency, providing quantitative solutions to clients in the UK and globally.

Our quantitative market research focus

Brandspeak undertakes a large number of high-quality, low-cost, quantitative market research surveys across the UK and globally every year. They clients with critical, quantitative data in relation to markets, customers, brands, innovations, advertisements and communications, products, services and customer experiences

The outputs provide the numerical and statistical clarity needed by our clients to undertake business decision-making and marketing planning with total confidence.

Our quantitative market research methodologies

We offer a full range of quantitative market research methodologies including online surveys, face-to-face surveys, phone surveys and kiosk surveys.

Our survey types

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A) Advertising testing – for TV, cinema and digital

We have been conducting quantitative pre-tests (animatics and film) and pre- / post- advertising tracking surveys for over 16 years.  

The evaluation criteria are configured around the needs of individual clients, but some of the most common ones include; engagement, relevance, comprehension, key message recall, rational and emotional resonance, strength of proposition, strength of call to action, brand recall, fit with brand and brand values inferred.  

Brandpseak also offers scene-by-scene advertising evaluation using a number of qualitative and neuromarketing research methodologies.

B) Brand audits and brand trackers

B2C and B2B brand perceptions can change quickly.  By measuring those perceptions with one-off brand health audits or on-going brand trackers, underlying issues and opportunities to be quickly identified, so that relevant action can be taken.  

Brand metrics will vary from survey to survey, depending on client need. However, they usually include brand awareness, brand perceptions, brand personality, brand consideration, brand advertising, brand usage, brand loyalty and likelihood to recommend.

A tracker will also typically assess a number of competitor brands, to enable comparison and so that the trajectory of rivals can be kept under review.

Brandspeak runs trackers for both B2C and B2B brands. Whilst B2C trackers are usually conducted online, B2B brand trackers may be conducted by phone.

C) Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Surveys 

Only 4% of your customers are likely to complain to you if they are dissatisfied with some element of your brand.  However, of the 96% that don’t complain, the majority will simply not return.

Brandspeak specialises in customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement, designed to identify levels of customer (dis-)satisfaction and their causes. 

We use tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) to determine customers’ overall levels of satisfaction, and we can also break the customer journey down in to its individual stages and channels, to find out exactly where and why the causes of dissatisfaction exist – and what to do about them.

D) Customer segmentation surveys

The ultimate role of a segmentation model is to improve levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.  It does this by enabling the business to target and measure its sales, marketing, new product development, and customer experience activities at a more granular level.

Brandspeak supports clients in the development of 3 main types of segmentation model; 

i) Demographic segmentation 

In this case, customers are allocated to different customer segments based on demographic criteria including age, sex and income.  

Demographic segmentation models can be augmented with life stage data relating to the subjects’ working status and the presence of any children in the house hold.

ii) Usage and Attitude segmentation 

A Usage and Attitude study (or U&A) provides essential information about the relationship between the customer and the brand, and can be used as the basis of a segmentation model in its own right.

U&As are conducted with a representative sample of the target audience that may include both customers and non-customers.

For non-users specifically, there may be a section on barriers to adoption.

U&A studies or segmentation models are often used to develop marketing campaigns and customer experience programmes,  

In addition, they can be instrumental in helping to address strategic brand questions such as:

  • What is the brand’s optimal proposition and positioning?
  • What bundle of features and benefits do customers most want?
  • Where are our areas of greatest brand differentiation?
  • How can the brand offer be enhanced?
  • What advantages do our competitors’ offers hold over ours?

iii) Needs-based segmentation 

Needs-based segmentation models are often based on an initial round of qualitative research which identifies the consumer’s rational and emotional, decision-making drivers (or needs) – at both conscious (System 2) and unconscious (System 1) levels.

Following quantification, conjoint and cluster analysis is typically used to identify the different consumer segments.

Needs-based segmentation models tend to be highly insightful and are particularly useful for creating marketing campaigns and for informing the development of new products and services.

E) Innovation and new product development surveys

As an NPD research consultancy Brandspeak provides an extensive range of qualitative and quantitative research services to address; 

  • Market sizing and mapping
  • Needs identification
  • Ideation
  • Concept screening
  • Concept development
  • Concept testing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Concept naming

Your new product and service ideas are unique.  It’s why we feel our research approach should be too.  So, we won’t be using expensive, pre-packaged innovation tools with fancy names to assess your concepts.  Instead, we design highly cost-effective, research approaches that are bespoke to your concept, brand and sector.

Our team has undertaken hundreds of them for B2B and B2C clients from a large number of sectors including automotive, public transport, gaming, FMCG, manufacturing, financial services, leisure and tourism, technology and food and drink.

F) Omnibus Plus surveys

For those occasions when our clients have just a handful of questions and need a quick and cost-effective turnaround, Brandspeak offers its Omnibus Plus survey service.  Questions cost £375 excl Vat each, based on;

  • Minimum of 3 questions
  • Age, gender, region included
  • Every day. Questions must be submitted by 11.00 AM for launch the same day
  • Client is responsible for generating questions 
  • Nat rep sample
  • 1000 sample
  • Results in 24 hours

G) Employee engagement surveys

Brandspeak undertakes single and multi-site employee engagement surveys to identify the issues that may be undermining employee wellbeing and productivity.  

We work closely with our clients to ensure our surveys reflect any dynamics that are unique to their businesses, as well as the topic areas that are most frequently indicate lower levels of engagement.  

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