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Customer experience optimisation from Brandspeak

Whatever your sector, proposition and means of distribution, Brandspeak provides the customer experience research to ensure each touch point and channel reflects the conscious and sub-conscious needs, expectations and behaviours of your customers.

A pragmatic customer experience research approach

Configuring market-leading customer (CX) or user experience (UX) at each touch point can be expensive.

That’s why it’s important to know where it’s OK to provide an experience that is just good and where your brand should invest more to deliver one that delights.

How customer experience research from Brandspeak will help

Customer experience optimisation isn’t a one size fits all exercise.

That’s why, before we assess the customer journey we’ll take a good look at your customers – to make sure we understand their different customer experience-related attitudes, needs and drivers.

We’ll also look at their broader, category and brand references – to identify the different customer experience expectations these create.

Armed with this vital, contextual understanding, we’ll then accompany each research subject on their customer journey, reviewing the nature of their experience at each touch point.

Our customer-centric approach means we won’t just identify the individual customer experience issues and pain points, we’ll also be able to explain which consumers they most affect and the wider impact they have on that customer’s attitude towards your brand.

From the brand perspective, we’ll also be able to explain the impact of those issues on your brand’s ability to drive levels of customer acquisition, retention or satisfaction.

Finally, we’ll identify the nature of the individual solutions required, from the customer’s point of view.

A wide range of customer experience research methodologies

Our customer experience research methodologies, include:

  • Observed user testing
  • Accompanied and filmed ethnography
  • In-store observation
  • Self-ethnography using mobile or wearables
  • Online experience audits

Customer experience communication

However, customer experience optimisation isn’t just about identifying and addressing the issues.

More than any other form of research project, it also requires impactful communication of customer experience back in to the organisation, particularly to those working on the front line with customers.

That’s why we turn experience footage in to compelling stories for stakeholder teams to work with.


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Customer Experience Research Agency Brand Speak Market Research
Customer Experience Research Agency Brand Speak Market Research
Customer Experience Research Agency Brand Speak Market Research
Customer Experience Research Agency Brand Speak Market Research