Your brand is unique.  That’s why we don’t offer any off-the-shelf brand research tools or methodologies.  Whatever the needs of your brand, we’ll configure a bespoke research approach to address them

Our brand research and consultancy capabilities

Sizing up the opportunity for your new brand 

Brandspeak provides the brand research required to map the competitor brand landscape, identify the areas of opportunity, define the target customer (including triggers and barriers to purchase), assess different brand concepts and measure likely demand. 

Defining your brand proposition or undertaking a brand extension

We can identify the rational and emotional customer needs your brand must address, as well as the most compelling expression of its proposition, positioning, values and personality.  We’ll also identify the hierarchy of brand messaging that will be most persuasive for the target audience.

And if you are developing a brand extension, our research will ensure that it builds on your current brand, rather than undermining or cannibalising it.

Aligning your brand to a particular brand archetype

If you want to align your brand with a particular archetype, our research will enable you to identify the archetype that is best suited to your strategy, as well as if, where and how that brand needs to be adapted.

Developing brand advertising

Whether you are at the stage of advertising concept validation, animatics refinement or ‘finished product’, Brandspeak’s advertising research will provide a full diagnostic of your ad’s potential to drive brand awareness and purchase, using a range of qualitative, quantitative and neuroscience research techniques. 

For more information please see our Market Research for Advertising page

Conducting a brand audit?

And if you need to commission a brand audit to determine levels of brand awareness, assess your brand’s health or explore the nature of your brand’s equity more generally, we’ll use a number of UK and global panels, to ensure the audit is conducted quickly and cost-effectively.  

Want to put brand tracking in place?

Before implementing your brand tracking study, we’ll help you identify the ongoing brand KPIs that best align with your brand objectives and strategy.  

Need to measure your brand’s reputation

Your brand’s reputation is critical to its success.  However, that reputation is fragile and can be undermined by a wide range of issues and events.  

Brandspeak conducts brand reputation research to benchmark the reputational health of your brand amongst customer, influencers and opinion formers.

Our brand research philosophy

Brand research – branding and brand architecture

We know there isn’t one single branding approach or brand model that works better than all others.  It’s just a matter of identifying the one that works best for your brand.  

If you already have one that works well for you, then that’s the one we’ll use.  And if you need want to identify a brand architecture model to guide your brand’s development, we’ll recommend the best one for you – or develop one for you.

System 1 versus System 2 thinking

We’ve conducted research on hundreds of B2C and B2B brands in the UK and globally.  

That’s why we know that, in order to obtain a true picture of your brand and its potential, it’s important to understand the customer’s perceptions of it and the sector in which it operates – at both conscious and unconscious levels.

For example, when it comes to everyday brands and brand purchases, a lot of our thinking and behaviour is carried out on ‘autopilot’, directed by our subconscious, using instinctive and emotional System 1 thinking.

And when it comes to more significant purchases or B2B decisions, these tend to be driven by the conscious, System 2 mind, but still with a degree of subconscious intervention to guide us towards the final purchase decision.

This means that in order to become part of our consideration set a brand must be able to appeal to both our rational, conscious brand and also our subconscious, emotional one. 

That’s why we configure our brand research approach to make sure we understand both.

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Brand Research Brand Speak Market Research
Brand Research Brand Speak Market Research
Brand Research Brand Speak Market Research