Brandspeak has its roots in qualitative research. We identify the Eureka! insights needed to create winning brands

Our experience

Brandspeak has its roots in B2C and B2B qualitative research – we started life as a qualitative research agency back in 2004. 

Since then our qual team has conducted qualitative research in every corner of globe, as well as just about every qualitative research viewing facility in the UK!    We are also supported by our partner agencies across Europe, the Americas and APAC.

We’ve covered cars, investment products, mobile phone apps, frozen foods and ready meals, social media influencers, fast food outlets, alcoholic drinks, industrial pumps, artisan bread, artificial intelligence, university departments and facilities, coffee machines, replacement surgery, green energy, CBD oil, current accounts, hotels, TV schedules, business class flights, mortgages, themed restaurants, cruises, estate agents, online media, sports, luxury goods and otc pharmacy – to name just a few!!

Our approaches

We offer a comprehensive range of qualitative methodologies;

Online qualfocus groups, depth interviews (IDIs), research communities and bulletin boards, conducted via our own, online qualitative research platform 

Face-to-face qual; focus groups, relationship pairs, depth interviews, accompanied shopping trips (ASTs), market safaris, speed dates and home drop-ins

Phone qual; for those occasions when online or face-to-face approaches aren’t suitable

Ethnographic qual; accompanying and observing people in as they go about their lives – in the supermarket, on the town, at home – to learn exactly how they behave, and why. 

Video vox-pop qual;  from street intercepts, ethnographic studies,, face-to-face and online qual

Our philosophy

We don’t believe in doing things a certain way, just because that’s the way it’s always been done.  

For example; 

  • Brandspeak doesn’t employ any junior researchers.  Our team comprises only highly experienced, senior individuals who have seriously impressive levels of B2C and B2B, qualitative research experience
  • We avoid recruiting from established panels whenever possible – that’s why we decided not to have one of our own.  Instead, we recruit fresh and enthusiastic research respondents by making extensive use of  social media – including Facebook and LinkedIn, along with other networking sites.  We also have our own network of regional recruiters who find authentic participants for us every time.
  • If you are under time pressure we’ll get your focus groups up and running in hours rather than days, and we’ll happily run them for you on a Friday night or over the weekend, if that is what’s required.  And if you need a debrief 24 hours later, that’s what you get! 

We also know that when the research is finished, the project is still often only just beginning.  That’s why, if you need further support,  our marketing consultants are on-hand to undertake brand, communications or activation planning for you.

Qualitative research examples

Some of our most recent, B2C qualitative research briefs have included;

  • Optimising a pet insurance company’s brand and communications strategy
  • Devising a behavioural and attitudinal segmentation model of yoghurt fans
  • Assessing the potential of an online medical proposition designed to compete with GP’s 
  • A global study of social media influencer activities to identify those most likely to result in product purchase 
  • Understanding how to increase train travel by addressing the unmet, onboard, physical and emotional needs of high value traveller segments 
  • Optimising a retail promotion on behalf of a leading petrol station brand.

Some of our most recent, B2B qualitative research work has included;

  • Assessing the B2B insurance portfolio of a leading UK business insurer, in order to identify the gaps and weaknesses resulting in lost business
  • A global study of the industrial valve market to identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of individual manufacturers
  • Assessing and optimising the appeal of a new product being developed by a global, employee benefits provider
  • An international study to assess and filter new B2B service ideas being considered by a global, online marketplace provider
  • An assessment of the market for commercial, bean-to-cup coffee machines in the UK

How can qualitative research help your company?

If you would like to know more about how qualitative research can help your company, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)203 858 0052  or +44 (0)117 407 0187

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