Brandspeak provides online quantitative research surveys for B2C and B2B clients and marketing agencies globally

Today, online quantitative research surveys are preferred over other quantitative research methods, due to their low cost, speed and flexibility.

Online survey benefits include;

  • Sample sizes ranging from just 50 per market to 5000+
  • Device-agnostic composition, so they work on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile
  • The ability to handle text, image, video or audio questions

There are other benefits too:

  • There are no interviewer costs
  • Surveys can accommodate a wide variety of both closed and open question types
  • Survey data can start to be received almost as soon as the survey is posted
  • Question-order can be randomised for each respondent to avoid possible order bias
  • Respondents can answer at a time and in a place of their choosing
  • Demographic data splits are usually provided as standard but a range of question-specific data splits are also available
  • The same survey can be rapidly relaunched at any time to analyse trends over time.

Why use online quantitative research?

Online surveys have a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Advertising and communications assessment
  • Driver analysis
  • Pricing studies

When you commission an online survey we’ll a take care of everything – from designing the survey, recruiting the respondents, conducting the research, the analysis, then delivering the results.

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