Brandspeak is a specialist qualitative research company – providing B2C and B2B qualitative research services to both small start-ups and truly global organisations.

Uncovering powerful insights

Face-to-face qualitative research is used to conduct a detailed exploration of the consumer’s conscious and unconscious mind, in order to identify powerful insights about your brand, advertising, marketing communications, products or services.

Genuine expertise

Brandspeak has its roots in highly creative, qualitative research and we’ve been delivering game-changing insights to our clients for over 15 years.

Between us we’ve undertaken 1000’s of hours of focus groups, depth interviews and co-creation workshops, helping to develop winning brands for some of the world’s most creative and demanding clients.

Real creativity

We know that you’re relying on us to help you take your brand to the next level.

That’s why we always commit maximum creativity and boldness to each qualitative research solution we design and deliver.

It means no templated methodology, no mediocre stimulus material, no so-so moderation, no sitting-on-the fence debrief, no sailing off in to the sunset afterwards without a backward glance!

It also means that when necessary, we’ll also call on futurists, trends specialists, cultural experts, designers and semioticians to help us unlock those Eureka! insights that others simply miss.

Debriefs that inspire

And at the end of the day we know that the insights we uncover are still only as impactful as the way we communicate them.

Of course, we use story-telling, but we also love the chance to get creative, using sketches, animation and even actors to take the debrief findings off the page and bring them to life.

Challenge us

Our team comprises senior Qualitative Consultants with stellar track records so we aren’t easily fazed!

If you have a hard-to-find sample, we’ll find it.

If your research project has short time leads – no problem. We do 3-day turnarounds and weekend research too.

The types of qualitative face to face research

We select the right face-to-face qualitative research techniques on a project by project basis.

Focus Groups

Firstly, we love focus groups!

We treat each research project as unique, but when we need to deep dive on consumer issues that are strategic, creative or simply well-buried, face-to-face focus group research is typically by far the best way to go.

Focus groups in viewing facilities, hotels or private homes are great, but we love the excuse to do things differently! That’s why we have also held groups in parks, car dealerships, bars, village halls, surgeries, a church, on a leisure park and on a farm!

And as for so-called qualitative research design ‘best practice’, we don’t believe that focus groups must always have 6-8 respondents in them! So if a 4-hour focus group with 12 respondents is what’s required, then that’s what we’ll be recommending!

Depth interviews

Depth interviews (or IDIs) are great for projects where sensitive subjects are being discussed, or when it’s just not possible to convene focus groups. In-situ, depth interviews can take place at home, in the office, in bars, on trains, in cars, in hotels or on planes!

Expert interviews

For more complex topics (e.g. medicine, engineering, investment or IT) we can access even the most hard-to-reach subject matter experts.

Whilst we are generalists, we’ve never come across a research subject that we haven’t been able to tackle on behalf of our clients – including robotics!

And when we need a wider perspective to complete the picture or add essential context, we’ll interview opinion formers and futurists too!

Immersion workshops

These are similar to focus groups, except that rather than being observers, the clients are actually part of the session! Immersion groups are perfect if you really want to get to know your customer and your brand, as well as being able to input in to the discussion as it unfolds.

Co-creation workshops

Similar in format to Immersion Workshops, these involve clients and customers collaborating together in a series of task-oriented, moderated sessions in order to develop more powerful, rounded brand solutions.

Their purpose is typically to take a number of brand, product or service concepts, explore and evaluate them, identify the strongest and then work it / them up in to a finished state.

Different, creative tools, approaches and stimulus materials are used to both guide and inspire participants.

Workshops can involve different groups of clients and customers working on separate elements of the proposition that are then all bought together at the end of the session, which can last from 3 hours to 2 days in total!

Within this section on face-to-face qualitative research we should also mention the following:


Intercepts are most often used to ‘intercept’ and interview customers about an element of the brand experience they have just had – in relation to a supermarket, restaurant or airline for example.

Intercepts can be both quantitative and qualitative in nature.

Hall tests

Halls tests are used for qualitative / quantitative evaluation of a new product or service and are held in venues typically located in areas of high footfall.

Consumers are stopped outside and invited to participate. After being screened they enter the venue to take part in the evaluation of stimulus material. Interviewers are on-hand to ask questions, probe responses and upload data via laptops or tablets.

Hall tests can also be both quantitative and qualitative in nature.

Observed / accompanied ethnography

Ethnography refers to the study of human behaviour, either through remote observation or by accompanying subjects as they undertake specific tasks.

For more on ethnography please see our separate Ethnography page.


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