Our industry-leading, interactive, digital platform provides a number of market research capabilities. We provide a truly interactive way for our respondents to feedback their experiences of your business.

First and foremost – it’s about the respondents

Quite simply, the more engaged and stimulated the online respondents, the better the research!

That’s why we ensure that our platform is highly intuitive and able to support the widest possible variety of tasks and activities.

Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market Research

We offer a lot of different online, qualitative research services, including:


Online communities are perfect for conducting a dialogue over a period of days or even weeks.

Our communities typically involve 12-15 respondents and a single moderator. However, far larger communities can also be created. We simply use more moderators to ensure that our participants remain engaged and motivated throughout.

Participants can contribute to an online community at times of their own choosing. This ability to dip in-and-out ensures that contributing doesn’t ever feel like a chore and attention spans aren’t tested!
The result is better quality participants – and better quality contributions.


Whilst dialogue is typically between the moderator and the community as a whole, separate conversations can also be conducted between the moderator and individual respondents, unseen by the rest of the community. At the discretion of the moderator, respondents can also discuss topics directly amongst themselves.

Our platform also has a social media look and feel, to encourage respondents to feel at home and contribute as freely as they would do normally.

Other community features include:

Device agnostic participation – respondents can use different device types – including mobile – ensuring maximum spontaneity

Super-simple photo and video upload - without the need for a separate app to be installed on the respondent’s devices

Task management system that automatically notifies participants when there is a new task to undertake. Similarly, participants are given a nudge when they have tasks that are outstanding!

10 different types of task, including video blogs, Facebook-style posts and pop-up surveys to ensure respondents are constantly stimulated and the nature of the feedback is always appropriate

Automatically-generated video transcriptions that turn video commentary in to text for further analysis

Instant translation of community dialogue in to different languages, so that discussions can be followed by observers from another countries.

Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market Research

Focus Groups

Great for short-term immersion and rapid feedback!

To ensure we capture the respondents’ thoughts and ideas in just the right way for your project we offer real time online focus groups.
If necessary, we can preface these with an online homework phase, where respondents can compile a diary, undertake a poll, or upload pictures or video for the moderator to review before the online focus group begins.
Our real time groups usually last for up to 90 minutes but up to 2 hours is possible.

Video blogging

Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market ResearchVideo blogs are effectively video selfies where respondents present to camera on a given subject and then upload the result to our platform, to be shared with the moderator and / or other participants.
The platform also provides the option for the video blog to be transcribed in to text for the purposes of further analysis and reporting - and even sentiment analysis.

Video transcription enables relevant footage from different videos and participants to be identified automatically and then spliced together to create Highlight-Reels covering different topics.


Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market ResearchWe can launch surveys to the community at any time. Surveys can be launched instantly as part of an ongoing discussion, subsequently enabling both moderator and participants to comment on the results in real time, as part of the wider discussion.

Questions can be compiled in a number of formats using text, images and video. The questions themselves may involve scoring, multiple choice, Likert Scale and ranking.
We can also use show / hide logic to ensure so that respondents are only shown questions based on their previous answers.

Diary Tools

All of our diary projects are mobile-enabled so that participants can capture and report their experiences, feelings and thoughts instantly and whilst on the move. This form of contextual reporting is perfect for capturing highly vivid insights in relation to home, work and social life.

Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market Research

Innovation Tools

Our tools create the perfect environment in which to identify, build, visualise, critique and rank new product or service ideas.
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What ever your market research goal, whether you need to develop your brand, bring a new product to market or you want to find out what your customers think we can help.

Online Qualitative Research Brand Speak Market Research