Brandspeak has compiled this market research glossary to provide definitions for some of the most commonly used research terms – we hope you find it useful. If you feel that key words or phrases are missing or in any way incomplete, please let us know so that we can keep evolving these pages.

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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter U.
Usability Testing
This term refers to the testing of a new product or service (typically a new website, hand held device or application) with a group of target users. The purpose of usability testing is to identify the extent to which the product or service is fit for purpose and in particular to identify specific improvements that need to be made in order to deliver a satisfactory user experience and product uptake. The results of a well-administered usability test will not only identify essential improvements but will also provide important insight regarding the formulation of brand strategy, user guides and other marketing materials. Usability tests are often conducted in purpose-built testing suites which are configured to allow client observers to remain unseen whilst providing an ‘over the shoulder’ view of proceedings via a 1-way mirror and series of video cameras and microphones For more on usability testing research from Brandspeak please contact or call +44 (0)203 858 0015

Usage & Attitude Surveys (U&A)
These purpose of these quantitative surveys is to understand consumer awareness in relation to a product or service, as well as related attitudes, tastes and behaviours – either on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis (whereby changes in usage and attitude can be tracked). U&A surveys are used to inform brand and product development, targeting and marketing communication.

User Journey
This refers to the journey that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal online. User journey mapping refers to the process of mapping the online journey and its pain points, so that website and application designers can optimise the customer’s online experience.