How to measure advertising effectiveness

Introduction To really understand advertising and how to measure its effectiveness, it’s first necessary to accept a basic truth: mostconsumers don’t give a stuff about brands and only pay scant attention to adverts. Les Binet, Group Head of Effectiveness at adam&eveDDB (, is an ad man who understands this only too well, and as a

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B2B customer satisfaction and customer loyalty measurement services

Face to face versus online qualitative research – which one wins?

Introduction The use of online (as opposed to face-to-face), qualitative research for conducting focus groups has increased sharply over recent years. But what is driving this trend and as a client, how do you decide whether online or face-to-face qual is right for your project?   In this article we explain the main reasons behind the

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Is your segmentation losing its mojo?

Customer segmentation is a market research tool that divides a brand’s consumer base into different groups, with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of different types of customers. Although it’s a popular market research tool for many brands, it runs the risk of becoming irrelevant if it is not updated regularly to reflect constantly

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Market Research Trends for 2022 – 2024

Market research is constantly evolving, with new tools and technology to help brand owners identify trends and gain a deeper understanding of the consumer experience. But what about trends in the market research industry itself? From agile research to artificial intelligence and more, we’ve highlighted some of the biggest market research trends set to define

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neuromarketing research

Make Semiotics Work for your Brand

Language, symbols and colour are all examples of visual signs that communicate meaning, and the study of these signs is called semiotics. From a green traffic light telling us it’s safe to go to a red one telling us to stop, these symbols help us to understand the world we live in. Our interpretation of

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cx customer experience market research agency

How to Market to Consumers in a Downturn

After the Chancellor’s recent Budget announcement warned of challenging months ahead in the aftermath of the pandemic, the Institute of Fiscal Studies has predicted that millions of UK consumers will be worse off in 2022. Spiralling costs, tax rises and inflation are all contributing factors, with Brexit and supply chain issues further exacerbating the problem. Research

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Talking about My Generation: Understanding Generational Marketing

To successfully market a brand or product, brand owners must have a deep understanding of the characteristics and behaviours of their dream customer. Although there are many different ways to segment consumers, one approach is generational segmentation. This is when people are divided into groups based on the era they grew up in, such as

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Covid-driven new Food and Drink Trends in 2021

Photo byPeter Bond onUnsplash In this article Covid-19 has had a huge impact on consumer behaviour across the board, affecting almost every aspect of our daily lives. One of the areas where this is most striking is our changing attitude to food and drink. Many consumers are looking to create a healthier and more environmentally conscious

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ethnographic market research

Reimagining Brand Tracking

Introduction Brand tracking is seen by many marketers as a ‘rear-view mirror’ tool that is too retrospective and doesn’t provide useful insights in today’s fast-moving world. If we are thinking about traditional brand trackers that put brand – rather than the customer – at the centre and consist of tedious 25-minute consumer surveys, this negative

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Online qualitative research

Why I love online communities

Everyone is talking about online communities, but what is all the fuss about? This article will outline what online communities are and why they should be part of all research toolkits; not as the poor relation to other methods. When they are used to tackle the right briefs, they can excel in their own right.

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Embracing Big Data in Market Research

Introduction In this 5-minute article, we take a look at Big Data and how it can be used to augment and improve consumer insights. If you’re dealing with market research data but hesitant to step beyond that single-mode consumer view, then we hope this piece will encourage you to think again. So what exactly is

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The growing importance of B2B branding

Introduction Many B2B marketers feel that the brand has a relatively small role to play in the B2B space.  This article sets out to challenge that view and explain why B2B branding is every bit as important as its B2C counterpart. In doing so, it; Defines the overall purpose of a brand Assesses the relative importance

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