Brandspeak has compiled this market research glossary to provide definitions for some of the most commonly used research terms – we hope you find it useful. If you feel that key words or phrases are missing or in any way incomplete, please let us know so that we can keep evolving these pages.

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An omnibus is a quantitative research approach whereby several different clients effectively buy space on a multi-brand survey to which they add their questions. The survey then goes out to a pre-recruited audience (often of c. 1000 respondents) that is nationally representative. Omnibuses are typically run weekly so clients can submit questions and get answers very quickly. Costs are shared amongst the brands taking part so the approach is highly cost-effective if answers are required to only a few questions. Omnibuses used to be conducted by phone or post but today the majority are online. Once the survey has been run, data relating to the clients’ questions is typically cross-referenced with classification data and provided to the client in the form of data tables or more detailed reports.

Online Bulletin Board
A bulletin board is a form of online research typically run over the course of several days. Respondents may be required to take part in a number of different activities including discussions, pop-up surveys, responding to stimulus material, uploading videos etc. Bulletin boards offer real flexibility. Respondents can log on and participate at times of the day that suit them, meaning that drop-out rates are relatively low. The moderator has the option to change focus or stimulus materials at any point, depending on the responses being achieved and the direction they are taking.

Online Focus Groups
An online focus group is a discussion of 60-90 minutes duration between a moderator and usually 8-10 respondents, run over the internet. Online focus groups are either conducted as chat-only, or with webcams so the respondents and moderator can see each other. They have advantages over focus groups in terms of convenience, time and cost savings, as well as being useful for bringing together respondents who are geographically disparate.

Online Market Research
This is a catch-all term to describe any form of research undertaken over the internet. Consequently, it covers all forms of online qualitative and quantitative research and surveys that run from just a few minutes to weeks or months.

Online Qualitative Research
This is a catch-all term used to describe any form of qualitative research conducted online. This includes online focus groups, bulletin boards, market research online communities (MROCs) and depth interviews.

Online Research Community
Also called Market Research Online Communities or MROCs. A closed network of respondents who undertake a variety of qualitative and quantitative tasks on a specific topic – potentially over a period of weeks.