Our research toolkit is comprehensive! It contains all the latest tools and techniques, as well as lots of old favourites! Whatever your project, we have the research solutions to provide the answers you need.

Face-to-Face Qualitative

We offer a broad range of qualitative approaches including:

Group discussions

Depth interviews

Accompanied and filmed Ethnography

Video diaries


Expert interviews

Immersion workshops

Brand safaris


Facial coding

Digital Qualitative

Our industry-leading, online qual platform provides:

Bulletin boards


Online diaries

Webcam focus groups

Mystery shopping

Mobile auto-ethnography

Concept development and evaluation

A pin board / sticky note facility for evaluating advertising, concepts, and copy

Simultaneous translation in to 20 languages


Our quantitative capability includes:

Drivers analysis

Needs and attitudinal segmentation

Behavioural analysis

Concept testing

Communications testing

Pricing studies

Brand tracking