Our qualitative research toolkit is comprehensive! It contains all the latest qualitative tools and techniques, as well as lots of tried and tested favourites! Whatever your project, we have the qualitative research solutions to provide the answers you need.

Qualitative research methods

Brandspeak is a specialist qualitative research company, providing B2C and B2B qualitative research services to both small start-ups and truly global organisations.

In fact, qual is where Brandspeak has its roots and all of our qualitative practitioners are senior directors with experience of conducting qualitative research all over the world.

Today, Brandspeak conducts qualitative research all over the UK and has qualitative research partners in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our qualitative research offer is split between face-to-face qual, mobile / phone qual and online qual, as follows:

Face-to-Face Qualitative

We offer a wide range of face-to-face approaches including:

Focus groups

Family groups

Relationship pairs

Depth interviews


Expert interviews

Immersion workshops


Online qualitative

Our industry-leading, online research platform provides:

Bulletin boards


Online diaries

Online focus groups


How can qualitative research help your company?

Qualitative research can be perfect when you need to undertake a deep-dive with consumers in order to understand a critical issue in real detail.

For example:

The defining characteristics of your target audience; their thoughts, motivations and behaviours

Your brand and how it is perceived or used versus the competition

The quality of the customer experience you are providing

Your new advertising concept

Your latest print or online marketing campaign

Your new product or service idea

If you would like to find out more about how qualitative market research can help your business make informed decisions please get in touch or call: +44 (0) 203 858 0052

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What ever your market research goal, whether you need to develop your brand, bring a new product to market or you want to find out what your customers think we can help.

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