28th April 2020

An interesting snippet from YouGov today regarding the potential relaxation of lockdown rules to allow people to socialise with a chosen group of 10 family or friends.

Based on a survey of 4,982 GB adults on April 28th 2020, 57% of people opposed the idea either ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’, compared to only 36% who supported it.  7% didn’t know.

The public’s concern about leaving its COVID-19 bunker has been similarly highlighted in a poll from Ipsos which has identified that almost three-quarters of Britons are ‘very nervous’ about the prospect of leaving their homes.

In fact, of the 14 major countries surveyed, the UK was the most cautious of all, with 70% of Britons opposed to reopening the economy compared to 61% in Spain and Australia, 59% in the US and 50% in Germany.

The findings point to another potential challenge for the Government as it attempts to kick-start the economy. 

Jeremy Braune

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Jeremy specialises in delivering market research and consultancy programmes that enable organisations to maximise the impact of their brands, products and services, communications and customer experience delivery. His company, Brandspeak, has offices in London and Bristol and since 2004 it has been helping companies all over the UK and globally. Jeremy has also been a guest lecturer and speaker on London Business School's acclaimed MBA course, on the subject of Brands and Branding.

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