Get to grips with a completely new market, or enhance your understanding of the market your brand already operates in.

Brandspeak can create a detailed picture of your market from scratch, or just plug any knowledge gaps you may have.

That could mean:

  • Quantifying the demand, gaps, strengths and weaknesses within your competitive set.

  • Identifying, profiling and quantifying your target customers.

  • Identifying the nature of the proposition and positioning required to attract, convert and retain them.

  • Identifying the optimal price point for your brand.

  • Providing guidance on future channel and marketing strategies.

If you are unsure what information you need just explain the situation to us and we’ll be able to advise you. To arrange a chat please contact us.

Research ToolKit

Maximise your brand's performance

Our research toolkit is comprehensive. It contains all the latest tools and techniques, as well as lots of old favourites!

Whatever your project, we have the research solutions to provide the answers you need.

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