Brandspeak is a specialist B2B market research agency – we’ve been providing our B2B clients with the insights they need to develop their businesses since 2004.

Based on this experience, we know that B2B market research typically requires a very different approach and skill set from B2C. This is because:

  • Initial recruitment can be more challenging – B2B research subjects are often harder-to-find, time poor individuals with full diaries. Moreover, internal policy often prevents staff from receiving financial incentives or viewing 3rd party stimulus material via the corporate network
  • Respondents are often subject matter experts in complex fields. This means that B2B researchers must either be highly experienced in those fields already, or able to assimilate significant amounts of often complex information before the research takes place – or both!
  • Individual respondent feedback needs to be placed within the context of often complex organisational and decision-making structures.

As a result of the differences between B2B and B2C our research projects are structured differently.

  • Brandspeak’s B2B team is made up of researchers who have significant experience of one or more business fields. We also use a process of immersion to ensure we fully understand the intricacies of our client’s business, their product and customer base, before we undertake any other work on the project.
  • Brandspeak partners with specialist, UK and international research recruitment experts who do nothing but recruit senior B2B audiences for us.
  • We use innovative ways of incentivising senior corporate figures who may not be allowed to receive financial incentives in return for their participation in the research project. That way we can get the best quality respondents with the best knowledge.
  • We engage with the research subjects using a variety of (largely) 1-2-1 approaches so as to maximise confidentiality and free-flowing discussion.

Within Brandspeak we have UK and international expertise in the following B2B sectors:

  • Corporate Banking
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Government / Public sector
  • Healthcare
  • Hospital & Medicine
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Oli & Gas
  • Telecommunications

The types of project we undertake include:

To find out about more about B2B market research from Brandspeak please call us on 44 (0) 203 858 0052 for a chat.

Research ToolKit


Our research toolkit is comprehensive! It contains all the latest tools and techniques, as well as lots of old
favourites. Whatever your project, we have the research solutions to provide the answers you need.

Our B2B Market Research Services Brand Speak Market Research
Our B2B Market Research Services Brand Speak Market Research
Our B2B Market Research Services Brand Speak Market Research
Our B2B Market Research Services Brand Speak Market Research