Brandspeak is a specialist qualitative research company – providing B2C and B2B qualitative research services to both small start-ups and truly global organisations.

Face to face qualitative research adds an additional layer of information that cannot be gathered from respondents providing feedback unobserved. The interviewer is able to collect emotional and behavioural qualitative data that respondents unconsciously exhibit but that is indicative of people's experiences and perception of your brand, product or service.

Additionally these qualitative research methodologies result in higher response rates and also allow for more indepth and open ended questioning. It is easier to provide a long answer to a question orally than in writing.

Today, Brandspeak has qualitative research partners in over 30 countries worldwide and routinely uses research viewing facilities up and down the UK.

The types of qualitative face to face research

There are a number of different interview techniques that we can employ in order to pinpoint particular aspects of your brand, product or service user experience.

Focus Groups and depth interviews

Whilst qualitative research has certainly come of age over the last few years with the development of ground breaking new tools and techniques, the focus group is still without equal when there is a need to:

Understand the target audience’s needs, motivations and reactions in real detail.

Review, deconstruct and reconstruct new product or service ideas.


For ‘intercepting’ and interviewing customers about an element of the brand experience they have just had – in relation to a supermarket, restaurant or airline for example.

Expert interviews

To understand the views of opinion formers and subject matter experts in relation to a client’s brand.

Immersion workshops

Moderated, deep-dive sessions typically with clients and consumers together, in order to understand, clarify and work through specific, brand-related issues.

Co-creation workshops

Similar in format to the Immersion Workshops, these typically involve clients and consumers collaborating together in an extended, moderated session to evaluate a new product or service idea and identify it’s ‘must have’ features and benefits.

Hall tests

For qualitative / quantitative evaluation of a new product or service. Held in a venue typically located in an area of high footfall.

Consumers are stopped outside and invited to participate. After being screened they enter the venue to take part in the evaluation of stimulus material. Interviewers are on-hand to ask questions, probe responses and upload data.

How can face-to-face research help your company?

The main reason for using a face-to-face qualitative research agency is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the drivers behind decision making events with respect to your brand, product or service.

Questions that benefit from a qualitative approach include:

  • Is there sufficient interest in your new product or service to warrant further investment?
  • How does the layman or the expert think and feel about your brand, product or service?
  • What impact does your marketing campaign have?
  • When making a purchasing decision, what touch points influence that decision?
  • How does your Brand perception differ from your competitors?

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