Our industry-leading, interactive, digital platform provides a number of market research capabilities. We provide a truly interactive way for our respondents to feedback their experiences of your business.

Focus Groups

We offer both real time and asynchronous approaches to ensure we can capture consumer thoughts and ideas in just the right way for your project. We make the respondents’ experience truly interactive, using audio and video clips, images and polls to ensure they remain thoroughly engaged throughout.

Diary Tools

All of our diary projects are mobile-enabled so your consumers can capture and report their experiences, feelings and thoughts instantly. This form of contextual reporting is perfect for capturing highly vivid insights in relation to home, work and social life.


We provide device-agnostic surveys that consumers can access both at home and on the move. Gamification ensures the highest levels of response whilst our quick polls provide rapid response when time is tight.

Community Tools

The ultimate tool for rich, ongoing dialogue! We’ll ensure your community achieves the right balance of moderator-led discussion and freeform conversation to get right under the skin of the subject matter.

We’ll also use a wide range of highly engaging stimulus material to ensure respondents remain engaged.

Panel Tools

Our powerful screening engine means we can get to any audience you specify, whilst our mobile survey creation tool covers iOS and Android, providing ultimate flexibility and convenience for respondents.

Innovation Tools

Our tools create the perfect environment in which to identify, build, visualise, critique and rank new product or service ideas, or assess new communications concepts.

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What ever your market research goal, whether you need to develop your brand, bring a new product to market or you want to find out what your customers think we can help.

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