Brandspeak has compiled this market research glossary to provide definitions for some of the most commonly used research terms – we hope you find it useful. If you feel that key words or phrases are missing or in any way incomplete, please let us know so that we can keep evolving these pages.

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Wearables provide an exciting glimpse of the future of market research – particularly in sectors related to well-being. The term wearables refers to clothing and accessories with embedded technology capable of collecting and transmitting data relating to the health of the wearer to a third party. Electronic devices such as wristbands are able to measure and forward data relating to a wide variety of physical activities such as steps taken, sleep quality and heart rate.

Weighted Market Research Sample
This term refers to the increasing or decreasing the statistical weight assigned to survey responses of a particular group, in order to better reflect the importance of that group within the general population. For example, a weighting adjustment may be undertaken to reduce the weight of a group that is over-represented so that it doesn’t disproportionately affect the findings. Similarly, it can be applied to increase the weighting of an under-represented group, so that their views are represented proportionately.