Brandspeak has compiled this market research glossary to provide definitions for some of the most commonly used research terms – we hope you find it useful. If you feel that key words or phrases are missing or in any way incomplete, please let us know so that we can keep evolving these pages.

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Laddering Market Research
Laddering is a qualitative market research technique requiring skilful moderation. It is a form of repetitive questioning (effectively asking the question ‘why?’ repeatedly) that enables the moderator to move beyond superficial, rational responses and access more deeply-held, emotional drivers. As such, laddering provides a richer and truer understanding of motivations and opinions and delivers a level of insight that can be used to better craft new brands and advertising.

Longitudinal Market Research
Longitudinal market research studies are market research studies that monitor changes in consumer perception, behaviour or demand over time. A longitudinal study may monitor the same group of people for a protracted period, in which case it is called a cohort study. The participants – or cohorts – will often have a life event (e.g. a birth year) in common.