Brandspeak has compiled this market research glossary to provide definitions for some of the most commonly used research terms – we hope you find it useful. If you feel that key words or phrases are missing or in any way incomplete, please let us know so that we can keep evolving these pages.

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There are currently 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Data Analysis
This relates to the process of collating, filtering and examining data in order to identify useful patterns or findings.

Data Collection
Data Collection refers to the process of gathering and collating market research data for the purposes of analysis.

Data Processing
This may involve the classifying, summarizing, recording, calculating, sorting and storing of data so that it is in a state to be more easily accessed and analysed.

Deliberative Research
This form of research is often used in relation to public consultations regarding policy development. Participants will typically have a range of issues and scenarios laid out for them to explore and debate, before final, measured opinions are sought at the end.

Depth Interview
Refers to a qualitative research interview conducted with a single respondent. Often undertaken when the subject matter is sensitive or emotive and therefore inappropriate for larger forums such as focus groups. Depth interviews are often undertaken in the respondent’s own home – particularly when there is an observational element involved, potentially relating to home shopping, banking, décor, cooking, etc

Desk Research
Research using publically-available information, paid for reports or other sources of information that may have been compiled by the client – including operational data. Desk research may be conducted as a precursor to a market research project, or to augment it.

Digital Research Company
A market research company that specialises in using digital technology in order to undertake market research.