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Brand purpose – all you need to know

Introduction This 5-minute article provides a clear definition of brand purpose, as well as explaining its importance in contemporary brand development. The article reveals how any organisation can develop its own brand purpose statement, and the issues that will determine its success – or failure. Context Quite simply, brand differentiation is everything.  An undifferentiated brand doesn’t stand

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Creating and using customer personas

Brandspeak creates persona-based segmentation models for clients wishing to use them to inform the design of new propositions, marketing campaigns and customer experiences. What are customer personas? Customer personas are created by first identifying different clusters of common customer traits (e.g. needs, attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, frustrations and preferences). Each cluster is then used to create

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Behavioural Economics – a 5-minute guide

Behavioural Economics – a 5 Minute Guide

What is behavioural economics?  Behavioural economics is a method of analysis that uses psychological insights into human behaviour to explain how people make economic choices. Central to behavioural economics is the recognition that our conscious and subconscious thinking impacts economic decision-making in ways that can appear irrational from the perspective of classical economics.   Why is behavioural economics

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