Encouraging news from Research Live magazine which has reported the findings of a survey conducted at the end of June 2020 by research recruitment agency People for Research.

The survey found that 72% of people would be happy to attend face-to-face research (i.e. in viewing facilities and hotel conference rooms).

Of those, the survey identified that 88% would be prepared to attend individual depth interviews (IDIs), whilst 52% said they would be happy to take part in focus groups of up to 8 people. 48% agreed they would be prepared to take part in in-home interviews.

Similar findings were obtained by qualitative research recruitment company Criteria Qualitative Fieldwork.  The company surveyed  1,900 UK adults who were existing recruitment panellists or had expressed an interest in becoming part of such a panel.

Of those surveyed, 77% declared themselves willing to participate in face-to-face research, whilst more than 50% declared that they would be feel more comfortable about participating if the wearing of face masks was made compulsory.

As we gradually start face to face research again and look to maximise attendance rates there are maybe 2 things to consider:

  • Slightly increasing the level of the incentive offered to respondents
  • Over-recruiting as a matter of course

For more information about market research viewing facilities available in the UK, read our article: Top UK Qualitative Research Facilities .

Jeremy Braune

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Jeremy specialises in delivering market research and consultancy programmes that enable organisations to maximise the impact of their brands, products and services, communications and customer experience delivery. His company, Brandspeak, has offices in London and Bristol and since 2004 it has been helping companies all over the UK and globally. Jeremy has also been a guest lecturer and speaker on London Business School's acclaimed MBA course, on the subject of Brands and Branding.

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