We’ve been helping B2B organisations develop new products and services successfully since 2004.Some of our clients just need help validating and refining their concepts as they progress towards launch. Others are looking for an objective, external partner from the project’s beginning.

Our service capabilities

For our B2B new product development clients we provide:

Idea generation and co-creation workshops – developing new product and service ideas from scratch.

Target customer profiling – identifying the rational and emotional drivers of the target audience.

Proposition and positioning research – to crystallise the nature of the offer to the target audience and ensure it is relevant, differentiated and motivating.

Concept testing and refinement research – to evaluate the overall appeal of the offer and optimise its composition.

Pricing research – to identify the optimal price point and determine price elasticity.

Naming research – to identify the name most able to embody the defining characteristics of the offer in the most motivating and differentiating way possible.

Key message research – identifying the key messages that need to be communicated about the new product or service and the order in which they need to be communicated.

The key to NPD success

A successful product development process will typically require both qualitative and quantitative research at different stages. As well as being highly rigorous, it will also need to be creative in its approach, if it is to be able to:

Bring new propositions to life and evaluate them in context.

Encourage the development of new ideas that can enrich the NPD process.

More than any other type of research, new product development market research is about identifying Eurekas! – not just in relation to the idea under development but also in relation to the other elements of the project: customer profiling, proposition and positioning development and packaging research.

It is the identification of truly differentiating insights in any of these areas that can ensure a good idea becomes a resounding success.

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